Simplify Risk Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

BI Acceleration Platform trusted by Global Banks

Overcome BI challenges of:

Manual Reporting

BI Tool Limitations

Massively Growing Data

Dependency on IT

Identify fraud, mitigate risk, and simplify regulatory reporting through faster and deeper insights into all your data.

Analyze billions of risk points

Slice and dice from any angle

Drill down to position level

Transforming Risk Management & CCAR at Leading Global Bank

Learn how they:
  • Built a high-performance BI architecture using Kyvos
  • Increased their trend analysis window by 6 times
  • Achieved interactive risk Instant responses to all your questions across any metric. assessment across all asset classes

How is Kyvos just like “Pivot on Steroids”?

Kyvos gives you the ability to access 100s of billions of rows in sub-seconds and monitor risk proactively. You can transform your stress testing by slicing and dicing risk from different lenses.

Supercharging Tableau on Trillion Rows for Risk Analytics

Learn how a leading global bank is:
  • Analyzing massive data instantly on Tableau dashboards
  • Delivering access to thousands of analysts with fine-grained security
  • On top of regulatory requirements with instant YoY and QoQ analysis Depending upon your analytical needs, you can choose the period of your analysis to be a year, a month, a week, or any other period that works for you. Kyvos helps you conduct high-speed analysis on years of historical data.

Cloud-Native BI Architecture for Unlimited Scalability

Risk America Architect

High Performance on any BI Tool



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