Viewer Analytics

Modern data platforms can capture detailed real-time information about every viewing experience. However, analyzing this huge reservoir of interaction-level data from millions of customers becomes challenging for analysts and business users. Kyvos helps you understand your viewers better by delivering instant insights on trillions of customer interactions. You can analyze historical viewership data across multiple dimensions and get instant insights on consumption patterns and content performance. This helps you retain customers, gain subscribers, and expand within current subscriber bases.

Representation of customer interactions with modern data platforms like social media, broadcasting network etc

Instant Analytics on Trillions of Rows of Viewer Analytics Data can Transform Your Business in Multiple ways

Deliver Personalized Content

Customize content based on advanced analytical insights and improve your customer’s experience.

Improve Customer Targeting

Analyze audience viewership patterns to run customized campaigns targeted at your audience.

Increase Advertising Effectiveness

Use campaign insights to increase ad effectiveness and support marketing spend decisions for optimal returns.

Predict Viewer Behaviour

Identify viewership patterns, predict audience behavior, and build strategies based on those insights.

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Ebook: Viewer Analytics

As media viewership patterns get complex and personalized, the use of modern data platforms for viewer analytics helps organizations understand their audiences better. In this ebook, we will examine how viewer analytics can help an organization get business value, the reason why most media analytics solutions fail, and how Kyvos can resolve those issues by accelerating BI on massive data on the cloud and on-premise data lakes.