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Kyvos for Tableau

Improve Tableau Performance on AWS at Massive Scale


Supercharge your Tableau performance on AWS and achieve instant, interactive, and cost-effective BI on billions of rows of data.

Faster and Deeper Insights

Achieve sub-second responses on all data with access to most granular details.


Analysis at Any Scale

Analyze trillions of rows of data in a single go. No limitations on scale.


Reduced Cloud Costs

Save big on cloud costs with scheduled auto-scaling feature.

Kyvos enriches your Tableau experience on AWS

Interactive Tableau Performance at AWS Scale

Connect your Tableau dashboards directly to massive volumes of data on AWS for interactive analytics. Uncover instant insights on even ad-hoc queries without worrying about extracts.

Drill Down to Lowest Levels

Go as deep in your data as you want. Drill down, roll up, and slice and dice your data inside Tableau across thousands of dimensions and measures.

Accelerated BI at Fraction of Cost

Reduce querying costs substantially with our build-once-query-limitlessly approach that lets you scale your BI while limiting costs. Optimize resource utilization on AWS with scheduled auto scaling.

Analyze More Data
Faster BI Performance
The Difference

Experience Tableau on AWS faster than ever

Enterprise Architecture for Tableau on AWS


Technical Details

Smart OLAP™ on Tableau

Our revolutionary OLAP technology lets you build smart aggregates to achieve high performant, scalable BI on massive data volumes using Tableau on AWS. With Kyvos you can deep dive to the most granular details, slice and dice across hundreds of dimensions, fire complex queries, ad still achieve instant sub-second responses on your interactive Tableau dashboards.


Smart Semantic Layer™

Our Smart Semantic Layer™ resides on your AWS platform and lets you define all your complex business logic in one place, creating a consistent view of the same truth for all the users across the enterprise. Kyvos lets your users leverage the visualization power of Tableau and uncover insights that were simply impossible before.

Custom Connector for Tableau

Create live connections to Tableau on AWS using our Custom Connector for Tableau and enable your users to access massive volumes of data from AWS directly into their Tableau dashboards. Kyvos also provides support for SQL and MDX based connections delivering instant, high-performance BI on all your data.


Cost Savings with Elastic BI

Kyvos’ scheduled auto scaling feature lets you scale up and down your AWS resources, in response to predictable load changes, as and when needed. Our elastic BI Acceleration layer helps you scale your cluster up at times of peak loads and scale in to release resources and save costs.


Enterprise-grade Data Security

Kyvos provides a three-tiered security frame work to ensure enterprise-grade security of your data at multiple levels. Selective access at row and column levels grants you the control on what your users can see. Additionally, Kyvos creates seamlessly integration with single sign-on models like Windows Authentication Service, Okta, and SiteMinder.

High Performance on Every Data Platform



Case Study

Leading Telecom Accelerates Time-to-Insights on 15-month Viewership Data on AWS



Tableau on the Cloud: How Kyvos Helps You Sail Through Massive Data


Case Study

E-waste Recycler Leverages OLAP on AWS to Analyze 4-years of Kiosk Data

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