Tableau releases new Purpose-Built Kyvos Connector: Superpowering Tableau for Trillions of Rows

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Tableau releases new Purpose-Built Kyvos Connector: Supercharging Tableau for Trillions of Rows
We are happy to announce that Tableau Software released a new custom Kyvos connector with its latest version, Tableau 2019.4. This is a big step in our partnership to deliver instant insights on a massive scale. The new connector will strengthen the integration between the two platforms, making it easier for Tableau users to find, connect to, and analyze massive volumes of data on the cloud and on-premise data lakes.

Kyvos is a BI acceleration platform built for the cloud and on-premise data lakes that supercharges Tableau’s performance on massive data. It helps Tableau users access trillions of rows of data on modern data platforms with sub-second response times. Using its next-generation OLAP technology, Kyvos builds a BI acceleration layer on modern data platforms that enables Tableau users to access unimaginable amounts of data directly from their Tableau visualizations without any waiting.

Kyvos for Tableau: Accelerating BI at a Massive Scale

The Kyvos BI acceleration layer is a semantic layer between Tableau and modern data platforms that reduces the query response times exponentially for Tableau users. It pre-aggregates data to build cubes that deliver high performance for queries used in Tableau visualizations and reports. With this layer in place, Tableau users can instantly analyze data at any scale, granularity, or complexity. They can query, slice and dice, drill down, roll up, and explore their data in Tableau dashboards with sub-second response times.

With no data movement or the need for extracts, Kyvos eliminates the in-memory limitations. This makes it easy for Tableau users to perform analytics on massive data on the cloud and on-premise storage platforms. Designed for the modern data ecosystem, Kyvos has a distributed architecture that delivers high performance even with high concurrency. Thousands of Tableau users across the enterprise can access massive data instantly from live connection through Kyvos connector with performance guaranteed.

Tableau Kyvos Connector

Tableau’s new Kyvos connector streamlines the interoperability between Tableau and Kyvos. It optimizes speed and makes it easier for users to connect from Kyvos to Tableau on the cloud or on-premise storage platforms. With this connector, users can connect to their data in just a few clicks. Besides, features like auto-reconnect ensure session consistency, further enhancing the user’s experience.

The Kyvos connector is available with Tableau 2019.4 for both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. You can learn more about the new features in Tableau 2019.4 here.

To learn how you can download and use the connector, click here.

You can also read the press release here.

To get more information on how Kyvos accelerates BI for Tableau users, request a demo now.

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