TDWI 2018 Best Practices Award: Here’s why Verizon and Kyvos won!

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TDWI 2018 Best Practices Award: Here’s why Verizon and Kyvos won!

Kyvos along with its customer, Verizon, received the TDWI Best Practices Award in Emerging Technologies and Methods category at the TDWI Anaheim Leadership Summit.

TDWI’s Best Practices Awards program is designed to identify and honor companies that have demonstrated innovation and excellence in Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Analytics implementations. Winning this award this year in the Emerging Technologies and Methods category is important for us as it reinforces the trust that the industry and our customers have put in our breakthrough technology.

About the winning solution

When it comes to Big Data Analytics, most organizations face challenges due to increasing volumes of data, varied data sources, real-time aspect of data, access issues, self-service needs of the business users and cost considerations. Verizon adopted a revolutionary approach to overcome their data challenges by creating a scalable analytical environment which could not only handle massive volumes of data but also allow their business users and analysts to access it instantly and interactively.

They implemented Hadoop Hortonworks Big Data platform to manage increased data volumes and adopted unified data models and standardized KPI stores to handle varied data sources. Next, to enable instant access to their Big Data, they built a BI Consumption Layer on Hadoop using Kyvos.

Kyvos’ innovative “OLAP on Big Data” technology allowed pre-aggregation of data into cubes across multiple dimensions providing instant responses to Big Data queries. These cubes were created and stored using the compute and store capacity of Hadoop, providing unlimited scalability and superior performance. The queries that took hours could now be returned in seconds. This helped Verizon solve problems with data at scale through high performance and without data movement. Their marketing and business teams could use their existing BI tools for interactive, visual, self-service analysis of Big Data, getting instant answers to queries without the need for any programming.

Why they won the award?

Some of the key reasons why the Kyvos-Verizon solution won the award this year are listed below:

Proven Business Impact

The innovative solution helped Verizon’s media team get interactive access to 14 months of granular data from over 400 Million fact table rows per day, amounting to 168 billion rows. This provides them deep insights into their customer’s behavior and opportunities to improve their services. Since the implementation of the solution, data-driven insights have helped them build competitive advantage and save on operating costs.

Solution Maturity

The solution has been in use for quite some time now. After deploying Kyvos, Verizon has been successful in providing a robust platform for data consumption to several business users and teams across the company. The solution is well adopted and has helped them build a truly data-driven enterprise.

Exemplifies Best Practices

The Kyvos platform follows some best practices that help in providing a flexible, scalable, and high-performance environment for big data analytics. It enables convenient and easy access to data with no data movement, thus establishing a single source of truth across the enterprise and eliminating governance issues. The OLAP cubes are stored on Hadoop, providing the ability to deal with data at massive scale. Kyvos integrates with Tableau, allowing analysts to work in their existing, familiar environment, promoting adoption by business teams. It integrates seamlessly with Verizon’s security protocols, ensuring that access to the data lake uses their enterprise security framework.

Innovative Approach

The solution is innovative as it brings the tried and tested OLAP technology to the world of Big Data. It eliminates the speed and scalability barriers of traditional OLAP tools and helps Verizon connect bigger sets of data to get deeper insights. Earlier, the maximum cube size that could be built using traditional OLAP tools was limited to 750 GB with one-month data. However, Kyvos enabled Verizon to quickly build a 9.3 terabyte cube with 14-month data with 30 billion rows. Query performance improved drastically as the traditional OLAP tools took 5-10 minutes to return a query on one-month data whereas, Kyvos returned queries on 14-month data within 5 seconds and often in less than a second. Also, daily refresh times have reduced from 8 hours to less than 10 minutes for a much larger dataset.

The Award Ceremony

Representatives from Kyvos and Verizon received the “TDWI 2018 Best Practices Award – Emerging Technologies & Methods” on August 6, 2018, at the TDWI Anaheim conference in Anaheim, CA. You can read the solution summary here.

To learn more about Verizon’s winning solution and the results that they have achieved with this unique technology, you can watch our webinar on how Verizon achieved BI on Big Data with instant response times using the Kyvos solution.

If you want to see how Kyvos can help you achieve instant response times with BI on Big Data, request a demo now.

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