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Fast, Scalable & Cost-Effective Analytics Platform,

Now with GenAI

Kyvos is a GenAI-powered, cloud-native, high-speed data analytics platform that enables sub-second querying on massive datasets. The platform’s universal semantic layer democratizes data for all users across the enterprise, enabling self-serve analytics. Its AI-powered smart aggregation technology modernizes advanced analytics, while reducing the time and cost to extract insights. With Kyvos, instantly analyze data at any scale using the visualization tool and underlying cloud platform of your choice.


Accelerated analytics

Kyvos enables you to achieve superfast analytics on GCP using any BI tool of your choice.

Analysis of streaming data

Unlock immediate insights and analyze historical and live streaming data with sub-second query responses without any latency.

Modern data platforms

Access all your enterprise data on the cloud or on-premise data lakes with unmatched performance.

End-to-end analytics

Experience Kyvos’ comprehensive solution, from analytical data warehousing to advanced visualization.

Analytics at scale

Analyze and gain actionable insights from the full depth and breadth of your data.

OLAP modernization

Universal semantic layer

Kyvos’ universal semantic layer organizes, simplifies and accelerates the consumption of unified data to ensure consistent and trusted answers.

Simplify analytics

Eliminate data complexities and standardize business logic across the enterprise.

Multidimensional insights

Experience interactive analytics on raw as well as aggregated data.

Self-serve querying

Empower all users to explore data on their own without worrying about its size or complexity.

Designed for GCP

Unify business logic across different BI tools for scalable analysis on GCP.

Universal semantic layer

Price-Performant Analytics

Kyvos enables you to optimize ROI on GCP with a cloud-native architecture that keeps your analytics costs under check.

Price-performant querying

Aggregate all your data in advance to query any number of times and save compute costs at runtime.

Load-based elasticity

Automatically shuts down query engines when idle and restarts them on demand.

Efficient resource utilization

Optimize resources with autoscaling. Run ad-hoc queries without incurring additional costs.

High concurrency

Scale out to add thousands of users or more without any impact on query performance or GCP costs.

Data Mesh

OLAP Modernization

Kyvos’ AI-powered smart aggregation technology eliminates traditional OLAP constraints, ensuring rapid scalability and high-performance analytics on GCP.

Scalable architecture

Scale limitlessly with a distributed architecture that facilitates faster aggregation.

Support for all BI tools

Use any BI tool for sub-second querying without depending on any extracts or imports.

Granular analytics on GCP

Drill down, roll up, slice and dice data for deeper insights from unlimited dimensions, measures and facts.

No in-memory limitations

Distributed architecture and support for parallelism enable faster aggregation and querying on billions of rows.

BI and Reporting


Numbers that matter


More data

Build smart aggregates on billions of rows and thousands of metrics.


Faster performance

Sub-second, interactive responses on both cold and warm queries.


Reduced analytics cost

Elastic architecture and preprocessing reduce costs drastically on GCP.


Meet your analytics goals

Scale analytics without limits and analyze as much data as you need, while maximizing ROI on GCP.

Analytical data warehouse

A modern cloud data warehouse built for fast, secure and cost-effective analytics at scale.

Build data products

Decentralize analytics with data-as-a-product for cross-department collaboration with Kyvos’ data mesh.

BI & reporting

Kyvos’ built-in data science and machine learning capabilities empower business users with data-driven insights through customizable 360° dashboards.

Scalable data models

Our AI-powered Smart aggregation technology helps create data models on billions of rows and access them in sub-seconds.

Incremental data refreshes

Reduce downtime and facilitate business users with accurate ad hoc reporting on your latest data with Kyvos’ incremental data model refreshes.

Business abstraction

Embed business logic in Kyvos to maintain uniform business metrics, data access rules and calculation logic in one place.

Easy GCP integration

Kyvos is optimized for GCP, so you can utilize contemporary GCP benefits while working with your data.

Data security

Secured analytics through multi-level security, data auditability, backups, recovery and granular role-based access to a unified data source.


Price-Performant Analytics on GCP

Take charge of your GCP costs with Kyvos’ cloud-native architecture. Learn how our AI-powered smart aggregation technology and load-based scaling augment analytical functions and maximize ROI on GCP.


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High-performance analytics on the cloud

Kyvos Analytics Acceleration Platform Architecture

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