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Transforming Financial Reporting Services with Massively Scalable OLAP

Financial reporting services are extremely vital to make key decisions about a business. Financial institutions want the ability to leverage all their historical data and combine it to the ad-hoc queries to make better-informed decisions about risk assessment and investment.

However, as data volumes explode, the traditional OLAP technologies like TM1, Essbase, SAP, etc. struggle to perform efficiently. Massive data volumes drive the need to build multiple cubes increasing the response time drastically. Further, with complex queries and greater concurrencies, the queries may take up to several hours to return making the decision process sluggish.

Watch this video where Ajay Anand, Chief Product Officer at Kyvos Insights shares how our revolutionary Smart OLAP™ technology helps Fortune 100 companies instantly analyze years of data and transform their financial reporting services.

With Kyvos they are able to:

  • Achieve instant response times even with higher concurrencies
  • Perform analytics on critical dimensions, measures and hierarchies
  • Drill down to the deepest levels of granular details

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