BI at exponential scale at Bell Canada

Like all telecommunication giants, Bell Canada relies on huge volumes of data to make accurate business decisions and deliver better services. They use BI tools such as MicroStrategy and Tableau to build dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights on key KPIs.

However, as their data began to reach Big Data proportions, they started facing technological challenges delivering growing business reporting demands. They knew they had to bring in some architectural changes to meet their business team’s requirements of interactive slicing and dicing.

In this session Big Data leadership from Bell Canada will present why they chose OLAP on Hadoop technology to achieve multi-dimensional analytics.

They discussed:

  • Why adopting OLAP on Hadoop was mission critical for their business teams
  • How they exponentially increased the volume and time span of the data they could analyze
  • How this new architecture delivers fast performance even with large numbers of concurrent users