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Transforming SCM with Instant BI at Scale for Walgreens

One of the leading retail pharmacy chains in the world, Walgreens, wanted to leverage its massive data to design a future-ready architecture and optimize its supply chain business strategy. Their data was arriving from multiple data sources and was sitting on various applications. Even after consolidating it on a data lake, they struggled to analyze the constant inflow of supply chain data. They needed a BI consumption layer that would allow them to analyze 284 billion rows of sales and inventory data from thousands of suppliers and 9560 stores.

However, their existing systems were not efficient enough to deal with the scale and cardinality of their data and failed to provide insights to thousands of concurrent users and suppliers. To enhance their supply chain strategies and lower inventory costs, they needed insights into all their data and the ability to deep dive into granular details that would support the decision-making process.

In this webinar, leaders from Walgreens describe how Kyvos Smart OLAP™ technology and Tableau help them analyze cloud-scale data instantly and interactively, delivering deep insights into their supply chain.

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