Kyvos 4.0 – Delivering the fastest enterprise-ready BI on Big Data

Kyvos delivers self-service, interactive BI at massive scale with response times 100x faster than other SQL on Hadoop solutions. Our breakthrough technology lets business users visually explore all their data, interact with it effortlessly, and derive meaningful insights instantly to make informed business decisions.

Kyvos offers native compatibility with all leading BI tools, Cloud platforms, and Hadoop technologies.

Watch our recent webcast to learn how Kyvos delivers unmatched levels of scalability and performance for enterprise-wide deployments. It also highlights the new features and enhancements that we are introducing with Kyvos 4.0.

What’s new in Kyvos 4.0:

  • Scale-out architecture for increased user concurrency
  • Support for elastic deployments
  • Data cubes at unprecedented scale
  • Enhanced support for BI Tools with SQL
  • Enterprise-wide secured access to Big Data