Accelerate Your Journey from Data to Decisions

Unified Analytics Platform for ETL, ML, and BI

Enterprises can effectively embrace digital transformation with instant and insight-based decision making. Using traditional ETL tools to collect, clean and analyze data for time-critical business decisions isn’t always the best solution as they pose several challenges during the process.

With exploding data volumes, businesses are in dire need of a modern analytics platform that allow them to achieve high-performance BI and implement ETL on massive data. Kyvos BI acceleration platform and Impetus’ StreamAnalytix enable enterprises to overcome the challenges of traditional ETL and BI tools by helping them address their use cases with real-time, self-service BI, data processing and machine learning.

Watch our Webcast to learn how to:

  • Transform and make data ready for BI consumption
  • Deliver high-performance BI with Smart OLAP
  • Leverage machine learning for deeper business insights
  • Create enhanced collaborative dashboards and visualizations