Kyvos Version 5
Instant Business Intelligence on Big Data with Elastic OLAP

Most enterprises today are moving or planning to move their Big Data and applications to the cloud. Cloud not only enables anytime, anywhere access to data, but also offers the benefits of scalability, elasticity, high availability, cost optimization, and more. However, just moving your data to the cloud does not ensure that you will reap all its benefits. The next step should be to move analytics to the cloud and ensure that it is as elastic as the cloud platform itself.

With our latest release Kyvos Version 5, you can build an agile, elastic, and high-performing BI on Big Data platform that helps you achieve sub-second response times on trillions of rows of data both in the cloud and on-premise Big Data platforms.

Watch our webcast to learn how Kyvos 5 can help you:

  • Transform BI on Big Data in the cloud
  • Achieve high performance with next Generation OLAP designed for Big Data
  • Perform smarter analytics with advanced data profiling
  • Prioritize analytics for business-critical functions
  • Create enhanced visualizations and better collaboration