Smart OLAP™ on the Cloud: Accelerate BI, Optimize Compute and Maximize ROI

With exponentially growing data volumes, most enterprises have either moved to the cloud or are in the process.

Even though moving all your data to the cloud allows you to avail the benefits of scalability and low maintenance, additional compute costs can take away that advantage.

To leverage the full potential of cloud for BI, you need to devise and apply a strategy that delivers high-performance BI with optimal resource utilization, maximized ROI, and without unnecessary costs.

Join Ajay Anand, Chief Product Officer at Kyvos Insights, to learn why you need a BI acceleration platform for instant insights on massive volumes of data in the cloud.

Watch this webcast to learn:

  • How you can achieve high-performance BI on the cloud
  • The benefits of using Smart OLAP™ for maximizing your ROI on the cloud
  • Why pre-aggregation helps you optimize resource utilization