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Transforming Omni-Channel Marketing Analytics on Trillion Data Points

With millions of customers interacting regularly through active Rewards programs, mobile apps, eCommerce channels, and global presence, retail businesses have the richest datasets. All kinds of value live at the intersection of this data, but unlocking it is a monumental task. Capturing, and effectively managing a 360 View is only step one. For Marketing to leverage these 360 views for Personalization, Upsell/Cross-sell, or Merchant marketing, program owners need interactive access to ALL relevant data at ALL times.

BI tools were not designed to handle this kind of volume, meaning some of your use cases will scale to a point where it becomes nearly impossible to navigate the data. The traditional response was for the business to compromise – work with only a month of data instead of a year; analysts learn to live with 1-minute, 5-minute, or hours-long query response times. What if instead of compromising, you actually took advantage of your new cloud platform?

Watch this webcast to see how you can:

  • Interact with ALL of your data, across all channels, and across any time period or geography
  • Leverage smart OLAP to deliver instant customer journey analytics on trillions of rows- Learn from successful Customer 360 implementations at Adobe and HEB
  • Maximize your investment on any cloud or on-premise data lake

Watch our Webcast

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