Uncompromised Supply Chain Management

Instant BI at Massive Scale for Walgreens

COVID-19 has had a deep impact on the supply chain of essential products with lockdowns and panic-buying. Retail chains like grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, and others are facing major challenges in procuring and delivering these products to consumers. Join our on-demand webinar as we believe how we transformed Walgreens’ supply chain will resonate with the current situation.

Walgreens wanted to optimize its supply chain business strategy for over 9560 stores and thousands of suppliers. Their current systems were strained while dealing with the scale and cardinality of their data, and could not provide timely insights to thousands of suppliers and business users. The visualizations were essential to support the data sharing strategy between Walgreens and their suppliers.

In this webcast, Walgreens describes how they used Kyvos and Tableau to analyze two years of historical data instantly and interactively to get deeper insights into their supply chain.