OLAP on Hadoop: Changing the Way You Interact with Big Data

Kyvos Insights is breaking barriers of OLAP scalability with its unique “OLAP on Hadoop” technology. Kyvos helps you gain meaningful insights from massive amounts of data instantly, without IT assistance. It combines exceptional scalability with interactive analytics.

Watch this webcast featuring Ajay Anand, VP of Products and Jason Lord, Sales Engineer at Kyvos Insights, where they will highlight how business users can interact directly with data at massive scale with instant response times, and introduce you to our innovative technology and its benefits. Learn more about:

  • Accessing big data without Hadoop complexity
  • An exceptionally scalable OLAP solution for big data
  • A simplified architecture for today’s modern analytics environment
  • Visual transformation of your big data, defining data relationships and business logics
  • How Kyvos eliminates performance challenges faced by traditional BI and analytics