Every major player in the media, OTT and streaming industry is rethinking its analytics strategy to gain market share and increase customer loyalty by delivering engaging, diverse, and personalized content. With billions of records getting generated daily, these companies are struggling to analyze the most-viewed content and identify trends in viewership by tying content to different customer segments. The spike in usage means you have to work through much wider data, deeper than ever before. Traditional data warehouses like Netezza, Teradata, etc. cannot scale to accommodate this growing viewership data and deliver the desired BI performance.

Join our webinar to learn how Kyvos builds a BI acceleration layer on top of your cloud or on-premise data lake and lets you analyze trillions of data points in seconds using your existing BI and data science tools.

You’ll also learn from real-life use case of the world’s leading global content provider, leverages Kyvos to:

  • Understand viewership behavior, patterns, trends, churn
  • Deliver accurate recommendations to millions of customers based on their history and preferences
  • Predict which content will work better vs. others through intersections of metrics
  • Negotiate smartly with advertisers and networks as per viewership demographics