BI on Big Data Best Practices

Take your Business Intelligence to the next level

Organizations today are collecting huge amounts of data from various sources so that they can use the insights to understand and improve their business. However, once this big data accumulates and is added into a modern storage platform or cloud data warehouse, it becomes a challenging task to extract useful information from it.

Connecting traditional BI and analytics tools directly to big data can result in significant performance issues. Query response time increases tremendously, to minutes and hours, as data keeps on getting added to the storage. To incorporate this new data, organizations have to let go of historical data. This affects their ability for accurate and timely business insights.

Kyvos’ revolutionary Smart OLAP™ technology provides a unique approach that will take your business intelligence to the next level and change the way your users interact with Big Data.

Download this Whitepaper to learn about:

  • Challenges faced in using traditional BI tools for Big Data Analytics
  • An innovative approach to building a scalable, high-performance BI platform
  • Ways in which this new approach can revolutionize Big Data Analytics