What is a Semantic Layer? How to Build it for Future Data Workloads?

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What is a Semantic Layer? How to build one that can handle Future Data Workloads?
The concept of the semantic layer is almost as old as the BI tools themselves. Earlier, each BI tool had its own semantic layer and was used by specific teams within the enterprise. Those were the days of data silos and moderate data volumes. However, as volumes increased, enterprises began to consolidate all their data on modern data platforms while business users continued to use their existing, familiar BI tools. Multiple versions of business logic in each BI tool often led to different interpretations of the same data. And, that’s why it became important to create a single data view or semantic layer across BI tools and business teams. Before we discuss why you need a semantic layer and how you can build one that can handle future data workloads, let us first understand what it means.
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How to use Kyvos Tableau Custom Connector for Instant Analytics

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How to use Kyvos Tableau Custom Connector for Instant Analytics
Kyvos supercharges Tableau to deliver lightning-fast performance on modern data platforms at an unprecedented scale. Our patented OLAP technology provides fast and interactive query responses on massive amounts of data. By creating a BI acceleration layer directly on the cloud and on-premise data lakes, Kyvos allows users to analyze trillions of rows on their Tableau dashboards with sub-second response times.
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Tableau releases new Purpose-Built Kyvos Connector: Superpowering Tableau for Trillions of Rows

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Tableau releases new Purpose-Built Kyvos Connector: Supercharging Tableau for Trillions of Rows
We are happy to announce that Tableau Software released a new custom Kyvos connector with its latest version, Tableau 2019.4. This is a big step in our partnership to deliver instant insights on a massive scale. The new connector will strengthen the integration between the two platforms, making it easier for Tableau users to find, connect to, and analyze massive volumes of data on the cloud and on-premise data lakes.
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Smarter Analytics with Advanced Data Profiling and Query Analysis

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Designing an optimized, high-performant OLAP cube on complex data is not an art anymore. Kyvos helps you understand your data and query patterns before the cube is built and create designs that deliver the performance that you need. In this post, we will discuss how Kyvos enables smarter analytics on massive data on the cloud and on-premise data lakes through its data profiling and query analysis features.
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Replace your SSAS Cubes with Next-Generation OLAP on the Cloud and On-Premise Data Lakes

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Replace your SSAS cubes with next-generation OLAP on the cloud and on-premise data lakes
Are you struggling to get insights because the size of your data has outgrown the OLAP capabilities of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)? Are you looking for a cubing solution that scales for massive data? In this blog, we will discuss the inherent challenges of SSAS OLAP, why it cannot scale for the modern data ecosystem, and how you can move your SSAS cubes to the cloud or an on-premise data lake effortlessly.
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Shaping the future of Supply Chain Management: Kyvos with Tableau

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Supply chain management is not just about operating supply chain at peak efficiency but also about being more agile to quickly respond to current trends. The most crucial aspect of supply chain management is to ensure the right inventory at the right store at the right time, and this can only be achieved if you have accurate and instant visibility into your supply chain operations.
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5 Trends that show moving BI to the Cloud is a top priority for Enterprises

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5 Trends that show moving BI to the Cloud is a top priority for Enterprises
As part of the journey to become an insights-driven business, enterprises need to modernize their BI technologies and architectures. In our recent webinar, How the Cloud will shape the future of Enterprise BI, our guest speaker, Boris Evelson, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, shared some key trends that show how enterprises are leveraging the Cloud to stay ahead of the competition. If you didn’t get a chance to tune in, you could view the recording here.
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Why do you need Modern BI Architecture in the Cloud?

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Why do you need modern BI architecture in the Cloud?
The ability to pull actionable insights from data determines the success of an organization in a rapidly evolving business landscape. As per a recent Forrester report, organizations who want to become customer-obsessed must make a significant shift from being data-driven to becoming insights driven. With 80% of global data and analytics technology decision makers reporting that they’ve already deployed or are planning to deploy or upgrade basic BI components, the adoption of BI platforms, tools, and solutions is expected to rise. As organizations compete on data and insights, it becomes necessary to evaluate new technologies and processes that help in building a truly-insights driven organization.
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