Kyvos Insights partners with leading global technology and services companies to help enterprises increase their ability to derive value from data. Together, we enable our customers to get started easily and quickly through technology integration or services consulting and support.

Technology Partners

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Kyvos builds an OLAP-based BI acceleration layer directly on AWS that helps users analyze trillions of rows of data in sub-seconds to get deeper insights into their business. Our modern architecture with built-in elasticity leverages Amazon EMR and S3 to build and store cubes, delivering unmatched BI performance on your AWS workloads while saving costs on the cloud.

Kyvos Partner AWS

Microsoft Azure

Eliminate the complexity of big data analytics and enable direct access to massive data on Azure without needing to write any code. Kyvos provisions an OLAP layer directly on the Azure platform bringing SSAS-like OLAP capabilities to the analytic ecosystem of Azure.


Google Cloud Platform

Bring the power of multidimensional analytics to Google Cloud Platform by building an OLAP-based BI acceleration layer directly on your data platform. Eliminate the limitations of traditional OLAP solutions and enable your users to use any BI tool they like for high-performance BI on the cloud.

Kyvos GCP


Supercharge the performance of your Tableau dashboards on trillions of rows of data on the cloud or on-premise data lakes without any data movement or need to pull extracts. Query as much data as you need without in-memory limitations and get interactive response times even for the most complex reports.


Connect Microstrategy directly to modern data platforms with high performance and analyze as much data as you need. Eliminate resource overload issues associated with in-memory OLAP and achieve instant BI on all enterprise data, and that too at a fraction of the cost.



Take full advantage of the massive storage and enormous processing capability of your Hadoop platform and enable users to access all their data instantly using any BI tool of their choice. Kyvos builds an OLAP-based BI acceleration layer directly on Hadoop that allows thousands of users to query any amount of data without impacting performance.