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Comparison Report

Kyvos vs. Power BI: Advantages of a True Universal Semantic Layer

While Power BI, on Microsoft’s Direct Lake Architecture, is proposed by some people as a semantic layer solution, it is NOT that and shouldn’t be implemented as one. Power BI semantic models have limited functionalities, especially when dealing with large, complex datasets and thousands of concurrent users.

Kyvos is a universal semantic layer that simplifies analytics, improves query performance and establishes data trust—without worrying about speed, scale, cost or user concurrency.

Read this comparison to understand the advantages of Kyvos’ AI-powered semantic layer over Power BI’s semantic models, including:

  • Seamless connectivity with all BI tools and data platforms
  • Hyper-speed analytics at an unmatched scale and cost
  • Unlimited faster refreshes
  • High-performance analytics with AI-powered smart aggregation
  • Support for advanced OLAP features

Read Comparison Report

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