Case Study

Pharmacy Chain Transforms SCM with Instant Insights on 315 Billion Records

One of the world’s largest pharmacy chains wanted to analyze 2 years of supply chain data to drive their inventory and logistics decisions. With more than 20,000 suppliers, 95,000 stores, and 1 million products, they were generating around 17 billion records of transaction-level data every day from 50+ sources.

As the supply chain data volumes kept exploding, they faced several challenges in analyzing it. Limited by volume and scale, business users had to wait for days to achieve the required insights.

They switched data platforms and moved from Netezza to Hadoop, but performance issues sustained on Excel and Tableau.

Using Kyvos they were able to build a self-service BI environment that helped them supercharge their supply chain analytics and improve their operations significantly.

Download the detailed case study to learn how Kyvos helps them:

  • Use their existing BI tools with much higher performance and without limitations of scale
  • Improve inventory planning for tens of thousands of items with different sell-through rates
  • Reduce days-of-supply and identify root causes of excess inventory
  • Get visibility on suppliers’ performance in key categories, including PO lead time, fill rate, inventory dollars, cost recovery, waste_and backhaul
  • Replace the creation of hundreds of reports with instant answers to key business questions

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