Case Study

Supply Chain Management

Leading Pharmacy Store Chain Transforms Supply Chain Management with Instant Insights on 315 Billion Records

One of the largest pharmacy chain in the world, wanted to analyze 2 years of historical data on their inventory, operations, sales, and suppliers, and use it to increase their supply chain efficiency.

However, they were facing several challenges in analyzing the continuously growing data from over one million products, 20,000 suppliers, and 9,000 stores.

This case study highlights how they used Kyvos to build a self-service, analytical environment that provided instant insights on 315 billion records and helped them improve their supply chain operations significantly.

Download this case study to learn how Kyvos enabled:

  • Instant, interactive access to two years of supply chain data across thousands of stores and products with instant response times
  • Self-service model that empowered users to get answers to their business problems without creating hundreds of reports
  • Ability to extend controlled access of the analytical environment to thousands of external suppliers and partners