At Kyvos Insights, we are unlocking the power of Big Data Analytics with our unique “OLAP on Big Data” technology. We are breaking the barriers of OLAP scalability and interactivity by building the world’s most scalable BI on Big Data platform.

By leveraging Big Data’s “infinite” processing and storage power, we are helping enterprises leverage their Big Data investments. Our Big Data Analytics solution lets them explore and generate insights from their Data, irrespective of the size. And it does this at an unprecedented scale, instant response and a next generation user interface that makes the business user entirely self-sufficient.

Headquartered in Los Gatos, CA, Kyvos Insights was founded by a team of veterans from Yahoo, Intuit, Actian, Impetus and Intellicus Technologies. Backed by years of experience in analytics and a passion for Big Data, Kyvos delivers the maximum ROI on your data.