Transforming Businesses by Revolutionizing Analytics

Kyvos is about Solving Human Problems.

We believe that human beings should not be kept waiting, no matter what. Today, too many people still have to make compromises in visualizing and consuming their data as their existing systems do not support the volumes, the granularity, and the sizes of their data. Our mission is to take compromises out of the game and help humans consume and make sense of their data.

Our Team

We have a team of over 175 committed leaders and technology experts who believe in creating new possibilities every moment, each day. Here are a few of them.

Praveen Kankariya CEO and Founder Kyvos

Praveen Kankariya

CEO and Founder

Ajay Anand Chief Product Officer Kyvos

Ajay Anand

Chief Product Officer

Anand Raman Senior Vice President Sales Kyvos

Anand Raman

Sr. Vice President, Sales

Jerrod Gladden Vice President Sales Kyvos

Jerrod Gladden

Vice President, Sales

Rajesh Murthy Vice President Engineering Kyvos

Rajesh Murthy

Vice President, Engineering

Awards and Recognition

Our Journey to Perfection

At Kyvos, we believe that perseverance leads to perfection, and challenges define success. Our journey with data started very early, even before the word ‘big data’ was coined. As data volumes were growing rapidly even in those early days, we knew that transplanting existing technologies to modern data workloads was not a viable option. Our team of highly-motivated technology experts began to experiment with different technologies and diverse approaches.

We toiled for several years, but our desire for perfection took us back to the drawing board each time. After several iterations and a great deal of hard work, we developed our revolutionary OLAP technology that could not only deal with today’s data but scale effortlessly for future data requirements. Today, our technology is patented, and Kyvos has established itself as the world’s fastest BI acceleration platform.