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Cloud Analytics: Think Big with Smart OLAP™


Financial Analysis on Trillion Rows: High-Performance BI Acceleration Layer


Supercharge Tableau for High Performance on Big Data and Cloud


Datasheet: BI Acceleration on Trillions of Rows

Transform your business with instant insights on massive data, both on the cloud and on-premise data lakes. Download our datasheet to learn more.

Solution Brief

TM1 Migration Playbook

Eliminate the limitation of legacy technologies and migrate your TM1 application to next-generation Smart OLAP™ technology to deal with the scale of today’s data.

Solution Brief

Kyvos + Excel

Analyze massive data on the cloud and on-premise data platforms directly from Microsoft Excel and get responses in sub-seconds.

Case Study

E-waste Recycler Leverages OLAP on AWS to Analyze 4-years of Kiosk Data

Learn how they use Kyvos to solve analytical challenges and perform interactive analytics on their Snowflake, AWS, and Tableau platform, while still keeping a tab on their costs.

Case Study

Leading Telecom Accelerates Time-to-Insights on 15-month Viewership Data on AWS

Learn how they scaled their cloud analytics to get a deeper understanding of program performance and viewership patterns..

Case Study

Global Coffee Brand Analyzes 3 Years of POS data on Azure with Kyvos

Learn how they use Kyvos for holistic reporting on 40 million customers with drill down to the Day/Time-of-Day level detail on product and store data.


Maximize Your Cloud ROI

Learn how to maximize ROI on your data lake investments and change what’s possible for your business by enabling interactive and more in-depth access to broader datasets faster than ever before.


Bringing the Power of Multidimensional Analytics to Big Data Workloads on Azure

Learn how Smart OLAP™ technology brings SSAS-like capabilities to the analytic ecosystem of Azure, enabling multidimensional analytics at a massive scale.


Cloud Analytics: Think Big with Smart OLAP

No matter which cloud platform you choose, Smart OLAP™ can transform analytics for your business leading to better customer understanding, more targeted marketing, and efficient operations.


Smart OLAP™ on the Cloud: Accelerate BI, Optimize Compute and Maximize ROI

Watch this webcast to learn how you can best leverage your cloud resources for optimal business intelligence.


Instant Drill Down to Billions of Rows on Tableau with Kyvos

Kyvos enables Tableau users to drill down to most granular details and achieve sub-second responses even on billions of rows of data. See it for yourself in this demo.


Excel Powered by Smart OLAP™
Interactive Analytics on Billions of Rows

Learn how our cloud-native BI acceleration platform enables you to instantly analyze billions of rows on Excel by supercharging its performance.


How Walgreens transformed SCM with Kyvos, Tableau, and Big Data

Watch this video where experts from Walgreens describe how they use Kyvos with Tableau to analyze two years of historical supply chain data.


How Bell Canada scaled its BI with Kyvos and MicroStrategy

In this video we share how Kyvos integrates with MicroStrategy to deliver fastest insights on huge amounts of data stored on the cloud or on-premise environments.


Risk Management & CCAR at Leading Global Bank

Watch this video where a leading global bank describes how they built their Big Data architecture using Kyvos.