Kyvos Announces Support for Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse: Interactive, Self-service Analytics with OLAP at Massive Scale

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Kyvos + SnowFlake Interactive, Self-service Analytics with OLAP at Massive Scale
With its latest release, Kyvos brings in support for the Snowflake cloud data platform, enabling instant self-service analytics on your cloud data warehouse. You can now build OLAP cubes on your Snowflake data and perform complex multi-dimensional analytics interactively, using your existing BI tools such as Excel, Tableau, MicroStrategy, and more.
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Kyvos Launches New Utility to Simplify Migration of SSAS Cubes to the Cloud

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Accelerating period over period analysis on your data lake
The need for interactive analytics in the cloud necessitates the use of OLAP, especially if you are dealing with big data. OLAP helps you navigate massive data quickly and effectively using a preferred BI tool or custom application. However, it is scary if you have to blow up your existing, sophisticated OLAP models and start from scratch. Kyvos soothes your migration pains, helping you migrate your traditional OLAP models into the cloud easily and quickly.
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Kyvos Joins the Global Fight Against COVID19. Announces Free Licenses for Government Agencies

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Kyvos Joins the Global Fight Against COVID19
The world is at the crossroads of an unexpected challenge. As we all fight this TOGETHER, we are confident that we will overcome and come out stronger. Governments, Hospitals, Pharma companies, and others are doing all they can to contain and cure the pandemic. Our contribution to these efforts is to enable such organizations to operate and make decisions based on available data without worrying about its size or scale. We are therefore offering free unlimited licenses to all government and health organizations across the globe who are working tirelessly to get us out of the COVID-19 crisis.
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