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Case Study

Interactive BI on 168 Billion Subscriber Interactions for Personalized Content

A Global Fortune 50 Telecommunications Provider wanted to analyze television viewership data from millions of subscribers to improve their experiences and deliver more value to their customers.

Since the size of their data was extremely large, BI queries on their big data platform were taking too long to bring back the response. Due to this reason, they were unable to analyze data to gain insights and support their marketing decisions.

They were in desperate need of a solution that could help them understand their data across mediums, viewers, geographies, and equipment and use those insights to power their marketing decisions and deliver personalized content to their subscribers.

Kyvos’ innovative Smart OLAP™ technology, integrated with their existing BI tools, providing them a familiar analytical environment to connect data from their subscribers to get deeper insights.

This case study highlights how they used Kyvos to build a single consumable data layer for viewer analytics that delivers instant, self-service, interactive BI on 168 billion subscriber interactions.

Download this case study to learn how Kyvos enabled:

  • Interactive access to massive data with instant response times
  • Accurate trend analysis on historical data like never before
  • A self-service model that empowered users to use any BI tool as a native Hadoop BI tool

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