Customer 360

Instant Insights into billions of customer interactions

Getting a unified view of a customer’s journey and consolidating this data across thousands of customers can answer several key business questions such as, which product features are most valuable to the customers, how various steps of customer experience drive conversions, how customer support interactions contribute to conversions, how marketing campaigns affect customer interactions, and many more such questions. By analyzing the customer journey data instantly, businesses can build strategies to engage with their customers and increase revenue.

For effective Customer 360, business users need a BI environment that can handle large volumes of customer journey data and provide quick insights that can be acted upon instantly. They should be able to consolidate journey data for millions of users to understand trends, as well as drill down to get insights into the details of important journeys.

Kyvos’ Customer 360 solution offers unlimited potential that can help you build long-term relationships with your customers and maintain competitive edge. It helps you create a 360-degree view of your customers by offering self-service, instant analytics on billions of customer interactions across multiple touchpoints. You can visualize the buying journey and loyalty of your customers and use the insights to deliver superior experiences and achieve your business goals.

Solution Benefits

Kyvos helps you analyze billions of customer interactions in seconds and get insights like never before. These insights can be used to:

Customize individual experiences

Customize individual experiences
Personalize each experience and increase customer loyalty by delivering value to each customer

Improve upsell and cross-sell

Improve upsell and cross-sell
Make relevant offers to right customers at right time across paid search, programmatic buys, and social platforms

Increase service efficiency

Increase service efficiency
Be responsive to customer issues and inquiries and enhance customer service experience

Enhance outreach strategies

Enhance outreach strategies
Segment and target customers with precision across channels and build richer customer profiles for better conversions

Instant BI  at Massive Scale

Kyvos enables you to query massive volumes of customer data on the cloud or on-premise data lakes and get results within seconds. It creates an BI acceleration layer on modern data platforms that provides instant access to massive volumes of customer journey data. You can slice and dice your data on multiple dimensions and analyze it interactively without any limitations on speed or scale. Instant Customer 360 helps you identify opportunities for real-time engagement.

Unlimited Scalability

Our Customer 360 solution supports scalable deployments with high availability to thousands of analysts and business users across the organization. It delivers near linear scalability with minimal degradation as data volume increases or new customer touch points are added, while providing quick response times.

Simplified Analytics

Kyvos allows you to use your existing BI tools for analyzing customer journey data. It supports all BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, MicroStrategy, Excel and even custom BI tools. Thus, business users do not need SQL knowledge for Customer 360 and can continue using their familiar tools for analyzing massive data on the cloud or on-premise data lakes. They can create customer 360 views on huge amounts of historical data and understand the customer’s behavior over time.


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