Tableau Conference 2020

Incredible Performance on Insane Data

Tableau Conference 2020

Kyvos is the world’s most powerful BI acceleration platform that provides the scale, flexibility, and speed of implementation that Tableau users need when dealing with massive data.

Together, Kyvos and Tableau are enabling enterprises like Adobe, Walgreens and others to:

  • Achieve Interactive ad-hoc analysis on data at any scale
  • Drill down, roll up, slice and dice trillions of data points
  • Deliver high performance on Big Data and Cloud

We are the Platinum sponsors for Tableau Conference 2020 where we hosted an exclusive session for the attendees.

Trillion Rows in Seconds at Global Banks

Tableau supercharged by Kyvos enables:

  • Risk exposure on Billions of Daily Transactions
  • Highly complex and demanding regulatory reporting for CRO and CFO
  • SLA in seconds on lightweight infrastructure

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