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Chart Definition

A chart is a graphical representation intended to organize and represents a set of numerical or qualitative data to make data visualization easier to understand. Charts enable slicing, dicing, and drilling-down of your data so that you can examine it from different viewpoints.

  • Slice – refers to selecting a subset of a cube by picking one specific dimension from a data cube and builds a subset of a cube, for example, slicing one year of sales data of all the regions from the data cube and creating a new subset of a cube.
  • Dice – is similar to slice except that it refers to picking a subset of a cube by choosing more than two dimensions for multiple dimensions of the cube. For example, Dicing one year of sales data will show a limited number of product categories, while region dimensions cover all the data from slice example.
  • Drill up/down– enables exploration of data in a more detailed manner among levels of data ranging from the higher level of hierarchy to the lower level.

Charts help businesses understand their data effortlessly by using graphical and visual elements to represent data in a form a human can understand. But as the size of data increases, businesses face challenges with visualizations as they slow down the response.

Kyvos overcomes this challenge by introducing a BI acceleration layer in-between your data on the cloud or on-premise platform and existing BI tools. It helps you to get instant visualization on trillions of rows of data in sub-seconds.

Benefits of using Kyvos for effective visualizations

  • The native visualization layer offers a drag-and-drop interface to perform self-service analysis on massive amounts of data.
  • It enables you to deeply explore and analyze data using an extensive library of charts such as GIS, bar, line, tree map, heat map, and other advanced visualizations.
  • Kyvos auto-visualization feature automatically selects the suitable visualization based on your data.
  • Kyvos supports ad-hoc analysis enabling you to perform slice, dice, filter, drill up and drill down operations on a massive amount of data and get instant response.

Charts are the way to graphically represent a variety of data to improve the decision-making process. With Kyvos, you can use your existing BI tools such as Tableau, Excel, Power BI and work on trillions of rows of data and get high performance and instant responses.

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