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Data-aware to Insights-driven: Why is it crucial for business sustainability?

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Data Aware to Data Driven

Over the last decade, organizations have invested heavily in collecting and managing data, but a majority of them have not been able to realize the true potential of this valuable data.

The general impression is that if we figure out ways to collect, store, and analyze the right data, we will be able to take better business decisions. But in reality, business users still have not been able to get real, quantifiable business benefits from this data.
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How Kyvos 2.0 makes big data lakes ready for BI analysts

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The promise of big data is huge and transformative. But to date, big data has under delivered.

The problem is that a company’s current ability to capture data far exceeds its ability to actually use it to make smarter, more powerful business decisions.

So even as companies proliferate big data lakes using platforms like Hadoop, only a few data scientists and technical specialists can access all that valuable information to generate insights. We’re here to change that.
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