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Technology that redefined speed in Big Data Analytics

The development of Kyvos was sparked by the idea of using OLAP based multidimensional data model to accelerate Big Data analytics. After several years of research and development, the first version of the software was launched in June 2015, and later in the same year, Kyvos was listed among the 10 Coolest Big Data Startups of 2015 by CRN Magazine.

In a report published by Forrester Research in September 2016, where they evaluated several native Hadoop business intelligence (BI) platforms on 22 parameters, Kyvos was referred to as a platform that gave new life to OLAP by bringing it to Hadoop. In 2017, Kyvos again featured in the list of Emerging Vendors 2017: Big Data Startups, published by CRN.

Having implemented the platform in several Fortune companies, Kyvos won the TDWI’s 2018 Best Practices Award in the Emerging Technologies and Methods category for customer implementation. In November 2018, Kyvos Version 5 was launched with Smart OLAP that revolutionizes analytics in the cloud. The latest release, with several cutting-edge enhancements, not only delivers insights at the speed of light but also enables smarter and more cost-effective analytics on Big Data.

Enterprise-class OLAP for Fastest BI

Kyvos Version 5 offers enterprise-class OLAP on Big Data with instant elasticity and unlimited scalability. With the launch of the new release, Kyvos has redefined OLAP technology for Big Data by combining MOLAP, ROLAP, and HOLAP capabilities to enable instant analytics on all data across the organization.

Kyvos 5 allows querying and drill-through on raw data, enabling organizations to get immediate access to new data as soon as it lands. This helps in creating a unified view of all enterprise data and allows easy consumption of data at massive scale with unmatched performance and unlimited scalability.

Kyvos delivers high performance even when the scale or complexity of data increases, making it the fastest BI on Big Data platform. It uses its unique Smart OLAP technology to deliver instant BI with sub-second response times on trillions of rows of data in the cloud or on-premise Big Data platforms. Besides this, the new release introduces several advanced features such as intelligent caching and optimized querying which improve its performance even further.

A peek into other New Features

Kyvos 5 offers native cloud support that enables organizations to move their business intelligence processing to cloud with ease. It supports elastic deployments, allowing enterprises to control costs by scaling up and down quickly depending upon their business requirements. Besides this, the newly introduced advanced data profiling feature enables smarter analytics and the segmentation feature helps organizations to prioritize analytics for business-critical functions. The latest version of Kyvos is a comprehensive BI on Big Data platform with exhaustive visualization features and several options to share insights and collaborate across teams.

Join our Webinar

If you want to get more details on Kyvos 5 and see it in action, listen to our webinar recording “Introducing Kyvos Version 5: Instant BI on Big Data with Elastic OLAP.”

In this webinar, Ajay Anand, VP of Marketing & Product Management at Kyvos, introduce the latest offering and discuss how you can use it to:

  • Transform BI on Big Data in the cloud
  • Achieve high performance with next Generation OLAP designed for Big Data
  • Perform smarter analytics with advanced data profiling
  • Prioritize analytics for business-critical functions
  • Create enhanced visualizations and better collaboration

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