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Why build a single source of truth across the enterprise

By May 2, 2018July 21st, 2021Uncategorized

Kyvos enables you to build a single source of truth across the enterprise for all your data.

A single source of truth for all the data across an enterprise appears to many to be the Holy Grail. And we know how hard it was for Indiana Jones to get to it, so what chance do mere mortals have?

The benefits of getting to a single source of truth, of course, are enormous. It can catapult an organization to become one that is truly data-driven.

Imagine if your business teams and executives had a holistic view of all your data with full confidence in its integrity. And in addition, what if they had the ability to dive down to the lowest level of detail as needed, with instant response times? What if your data scientists could traverse these systems and apply their models and algorithms using consistent semantic definitions? What if your business users could slice and dice and explore this data at a massive scale without having to rely on programming experts?

However, a number of factors come in the way:

  • Silos of information, owned by different teams and stored in separate databases and data warehouses
  • Data growing beyond the scalability or affordability limits of existing systems
  • New data sources that need to be cleansed and combined with existing systems
  • Lack of consistent definitions of data elements across multiple systems
  • Lack of cooperation between multiple groups within an enterprise
  • And many more

To learn more, watch our webinar on “Single Source of Truth in the Enterprise: From Mirage to Reality.” Our partners, Impetus Technologies, bring their learnings from multiple engagements with customers who have traversed this path and provide insights on how to put together technology, platforms, and processes to build a single source of truth for your enterprise.

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