Single Source of Truth in the Enterprise: From Mirage to Reality

Complex and fragmented data systems make it challenging to define a ‘single source of truth’ for data that provides a comprehensive single view of the enterprise. Enterprises are pushing for higher levels of data integrity that can drive business insights quickly and easily up and down and across the enterprise.

Is it possible to achieve a single source of truth across the enterprise? Or is it just an expensive myth? Is the path easy? Or is it a never-ending journey?

To get answers to these questions, join our upcoming webinar where we will present a roadmap to:

  • Data and workload migration to a cloud or an on-premise big data warehouse using automation
  • Building an enterprise BI consumption layer
  • Delivering self-service and interactive insights on big data

Who should watch this webcast:

– Business leaders looking to break down data silos, reduce costs, and optimize business processes.

– IT leaders looking to provide a scalable architecture, eliminate vendor lock-in, and increase analytical flexibility for business users, analysts, and data scientists.

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