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Accelerating Analytics and Data Science Tools to Perform at Massive Scale

Kyvos enables analytics and data science tools to break their data barriers and access any scale of data, instantly and interactively.

Faster and Deeper Insights

You’re never seen such query performance. You get answers in sub-seconds on both cold and warm queries.

Analysis at Any Scale

You can truly scale your analytics. No limit on the amount of data you can analyze.


Seamless Integration

Connect to any analytics tool using industry standard connectors and APIs such as SQL and MDX.

Kyvos supercharges the performance of your existing analytics tools

Unmatched Performance

Analyze trillions of rows of data on cloud using any analytics tool you like. With Kyvos, the same queries that took minutes and hours return in sub-seconds. Get immediate responses to even to your ad hoc queries.

Interactive Analytics on the Cloud

Create overviews on massive volumes of historical data or drill down into the most granular details instantly using any analytics tool on cloud platforms and cloud data warehouses.

Create Predictive Models

Kyvos enables live connection to data science engines like R and Python. Train ML models from massive data and create high-accuracy predictive analysis reports from long tail data.

Analyze More Data
Faster Query Performance
The Difference

Uncover insights like never before

Enterprise Architecture


Technical Details

Smart Pre-Aggregation Technology

Kyvos supercharges the performance of your analytics and data science tools and enables them to analyze trillions of rows in sub-seconds. Leverage all your enterprise data for business-critical insights with our patented Smart Pre-Aggregation technology that lets you drill down to the lowest levels of granularity, slice and dice across hundreds of dimensions and measures, and query even the most complex queries without any latency.

Universal Semantic Layer

Let all your users access the same version of organizational truth with Kyvos’  Universal Semantic Layer. Kyvos lets you define all your complex business logic in a single place removing the need to define them in multiple tools. This makes it easy for users to understand the data and perform self-service analytics at any scale.

Support for all Data Platforms

Kyvos lets your users access all their data from any cloud data lake or Hadoop platform directly from your analytics tools.  Kyvos provides native support for cloud storage like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services, and cloud data warehouses like Databricks, and Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, Teradata, Oracle RDS, and Hive.  Kyvos also works latest releases of Cloudera to deliver fast big data analytics.


Seamless Connectivity to all Analytics Tools

Kyvos provides seamless connectivity with all analytics tools like Tableau, MicroStrategy, Excel, Looker, SSRS, and Power BI, and data science tools like R and Python. Kyvos supports industry-standard connectors such as SQL, MDX, and DAX, and even has named custom connectors for Tableau and MicroStrategy. Kyvos also supports REST and JAVA APIs that enable easy integration with custom enterprise applications.


Enterprise-grade Data Security

Kyvos’ multi-tiered security architecture provides data security at multiple levels beginning from the storage layer itself. Our row and column level security, ensures that your users only see what they are authorized to see. Kyvos also seamlessly integrates with single sign-on models like SiteMinder, Okta, and the Windows Authentication Service to provide ease of access.

High Performance on Every Data Platform




How Kyvos Accelerates Analytics Tool Performance on the Cloud



Accelerate Analytics on Trillions of Rows



Maximize Your ROI On Cloud And Big Data

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