Powering BI Tools to Perform at Massive Scale

Most business intelligence tools slow down as the size of data increases. Kyvos helps your existing tools perform on modern data platforms by creating a BI acceleration layer directly on the cloud or on-premise data lakes. This layer enables BI tools to break their data barriers and access any scale of data, instantly and interactively. Kyvos supports all major BI tools and also has a built-in visualization layer.


Use any BI tool you like

Unmatched Performance

Analyze trillions of rows of data on modern data platforms. With Kyvos, the same queries that took minutes and hours return in sub-seconds.

Interactive Analysis

Create overviews on massive volumes of historical data or drill down into the most granular details instantly. Get immediate responses to all your ad-hoc queries.

No Learning Curve

Let your business users keep using their existing BI tools for analyzing massive data on the cloud or on-premise data lakes.

Multiple Tools

Allow users and business units to use different BI tools depending upon their needs and the tools they are comfortable using.

Use Custom BI Tools

Use your custom applications for accessing data on the cloud or on-premise platforms. Kyvos supports REST and JAVA APIs that enable easy integration with enterprise applications.

Support for Data Science Engines

Integrate data science engines, like R and Python, and use them to discover data patterns.

Seamless Integration

Connect to any BI or analytics tool using industry standard connectors and APIs such as SQL and MDX.

Built in Visualization Layer

Built-in Visualization Layer

Kyvos offers native visualization capabilities with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and an option to create custom visualizations.

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