Delivering fastest Big Data Analytics on Hadoop, Spark and Cloud Platforms

Kyvos is the world’s fastest BI on Big Data platform that allows your business users and analysts to perform instant and interactive analytics on Hadoop or on the cloud with sub-second response times.

Fastest time-to-insight

Kyvos allows you to discover insights at the speed of thought through our revolutionary OLAP On Big Data technology. Get analytics on your Big Data with sub-second response times and discover new possibilities for your business.

Supports Big Data platforms

Kyvos creates a BI consumption layer on your existing Big data platform and enables instant BI on massive scale, both on Hadoop and on the cloud. You can now perform analytics on Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Business answers at your fingertips

With our patented OLAP on Big Data technology, you can slice, dice or drill down all your data instantly. Your business analysts can now get their answers without any interruptions irrespective of the size of their data.

Scale your BI limitlessly

Thousands of business users can simultaneously query their data without any latency. Our unique OLAP technology allows you to scale your data and users limitlessly without impacting performance both on Hadoop or on the cloud.

Bring Your BI on Big Data Tool

Kyvos allows your existing BI tools to perform insanely fast on data stored in Hadoop or on the cloud. Be it Excel, Tableau, MicroStrategy or any other BI tool, with Kyvos’ integration, the benefits of Big Data can now be extended to all of your analysts.

Enterprise Security

Kyvos seamlessly integrates with your existing security models and authorization systems. It also provides granular access control with column and row-level security along with user and group permissions for charts, worksheets, datasets, and cubes.

Solving Big Data Problems with Interactive BI

Watch this video to learn how Verizon built a high-performance big data architecture with Hortonworks and Kyvos and delivered interactive BI across the enterprise.

Accelerate BI with Native Hadoop Platforms

Watch our webcast to learn how enterprises are leveraging native Hadoop BI platforms to enable instant business intelligence on Big Data.

Achieve BI on Scale with OLAP on Hadoop

Learn how organizations can increase the scale of their BI through OLAP on Hadoop cubes that provide instant response to all queries enabling quick analysis on Big Data.

Learn more about Kyvos Insights

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