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Retire Legacy OLAP Tools
Upgrade to Kyvos’ Gen AI Powered Semantic Layer

Enhance BI performance and reduce costs with a modern and highly scalable 
semantic layer built for the cloud

Your perfect replacement for

Multidimensional Analytics on Cloud

No In-Memory Limitations

Reduced Analytical Costs

Conversational Data Interactions

Empower every user to engage with KPIs using simple business language for actionable, data-driven insights in seconds.

Support for All BI Tools

Use any BI or analytics tool for sub-second querying without depending on any extracts or imports.

Our Technology

Benefits of GenAI Powered Semantic Layer 

  • – Supercharged analytics with high query performance at massive scale
  • – Simplified data modeling to map complex business use cases
  • – AI-based smart aggregation and intelligent caching to reduce querying costs
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Modern analytics features

From simplified analytics and a single source of data for LLMs to standardized data interpretation, our semantic layer acts as a critical building block of a modern data and AI stack.

Codeless Data Exploration 

Talk to your data in business language with full confidence in the accuracy of results.

High Concurrency

Support for thousands of concurrent users across the branches and business units.

Single Source of Truth  

Hide data complexities and standardize business logic across the enterprise.

Incremental Data Refreshes 

Advanced caching features – auto-population, purge, and repopulation. Multi-level caching based on query patterns and analysis of data models.

UI-Based Data Modeling 

AI-assisted, code-free visual designer to define relationships between datasets using simple drag-and-drop operations.

Complex Hierarchies

Complex hierarchies including ragged, unbalanced, recursive, and alternate hierarchies, and custom rollups.

High-Performance Analysis 

Workflow-based quick analysis to design an OLAP database model with minimal interaction and bootstrapping work.

Elasticity and Auto-Scaling 

Schedule clusters to scale up and down to deal with predictable load changes without disruption.

How Is Kyvos’ Semantic Layer Better Than Legacy OLAP

Legacy OLAP


Kyvos Semantic Layer

Deteriorates with scale and concurrency.


Sub-second responses for queries.

Limitation on the amount of data in a single cube.


Create data models on billions of rows.

Slows down for higher concurrencies.


Thousands of concurrent users.

Manual tuning is required to decide which aggregates to create.


ML-powered intelligent aggregates and caching.

Cube build takes longer and consumes more resources as data size increases.

Cube Building

Quick and easy cube building.

Built for on-premises. Has to be retrofitted in the cloud.

Platform Support

Purpose-built for the cloud. Also supports on-premises.


The Ultimate OLAP Guide

OLAP is a proven technology that eliminates analytics latency and delivers instant query responses on business data. Download this ebook to learn more about Modern OLAP.


5 Reasons to migrate from legacy OLAP to Kyvos’ modern OLAP

Legacy OLAP solutions face limitations while handling data explosion and growing analytical complexity.


Modern Analytics & AI Stack

Kyvos Architecture

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