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Kyvos for Power BI

Accelerating Power BI Performance on Trillions of Rows

Now with DAX connectivity


Explore the full length and breadth of your data with all-new DAX connectivity.

Sub-Second Responses

Achieve query responses at the speed of light on even ad-hoc queries.


Limitless Scalability

Analyze trillions of rows of data using Power BI on the cloud without compromising on speed or granularity.


Universal Semantic Layer

Create a single source of truth for stakeholders across the enterprise and ensure consistent analytics.

Kyvos transforms your Power BI performance forever

Analytics Acceleration on the Cloud

Kyvos is the world’s fastest, and most scalable Analytics Acceleration Platform on the cloud powered by Smart Pre-Aggregation technology that enhances analytics performance at massive scale.

Multidimensional Analytics

Drill down to the lowest levels of granular details, slice and dice across hundreds of dimensions, and still achieve instant responses on any amount of data.

Self-Service Analytics

Define all your complex business logic in a single place and let your business users to create their own reports and dashboards, without any coding.

Analyze More Data
Faster Query Performance
The Difference

Experience Power BI on the cloud faster than ever before


Modern Analytics & AI Stack

Kyvos Architecture

Technical Details

Smart Pre-Aggregation on Power BI

Kyvos’ Smart Pre-Aggregation technology lets you build massively scalable OLAP models on all your data, making it possible for your users to analyze years of history in a matter of seconds. With Kyvos, you can achieve exceptionally high Power BI performance even on the most complex queries.


Universal Semantic Layer

Define all your metadata and complex business logics in Kyvos using our Universal Semantic Layer and eliminate the need to write codes on multiple tools. This lets you create a unified view of all your data across the enterprise. Further, Kyvos makes it possible for your users to leverage self-service analytics on Power BI without any IT dependency.

Support for all Cloud Platforms

Kyvos provides access to live cloud data directly from Power BI with its in-built DAX, SQL, and MDX connectors. Kyvos supports all major modern data platforms including cloud storages like Azure, AWS, and GCP, cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Databricks, Redshift, BigQuery, Teradata, Oracle RDS, and Hive, and all latest releases of Cloudera.


Enterprise-grade Data Security

Kyvos’ multi-level security infrastructure provides enterprise-grade security. Kyvos ensures that you have full control of access to your data with its row and column level authorization and role-based access at group and user levels. Additionally, Kyvos also integrates seamlessly with single sign-on models like Windows Authentication Service, Okta, and SiteMinder.

High Performance on Every Data Platform




Smart Pre-Aggregation on the Cloud: Accelerate Analytics, Optimize Compute and Maximize ROI



How Kyvos Accelerates Analytics Tool Performance on the Cloud


Product Sheet

Fastest and Most Scalable Analytics Acceleration Platform powered by Smart Pre-Aggregation

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