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Kyvos for Amazon Redshift

Achieve Superfast Analytics on
Trillions of Rows with Smart Pre-Aggregation


Get instant and interactive insights on Redshift with our next-gen OLAP technology. Analyze trillions of rows and meet your SLAs without worrying about cloud costs.


Superfast Queries

No more waiting for insights. Get responses to any number of queries, on any amount of data on Redshift, within seconds.


Reduced Cloud Costs

Schedule your cloud resources as per load times using our auto-scaling feature. Reduce your querying costs further with our create once, query multiple times approach.

Any Analytics Tool

Use your existing analytics and data science tools on Redshift and get instant responses.

Kyvos Smart Semantic Layer

Universal Semantic Layer

Create a unified view of all your data and allow all your users, across the enterprise, to do self-service analytics on Redshift.

Modernize Legacy OLAP

Create massively scalable cubes with our Modern OLAP technology and achieve interactive multidimensional analytics on live cloud data.


Manage Data Complexity

Remove the need for complex data modeling with our no-code interface and solve complex business use cases without data engineering efforts.

Analyze More Data


Reduce Costs by


The Difference

Experience the Power of
Instant Analytics on Redshift

High-Performance Analytics Architecture for Amazon Redshift

Kyvos AWS Architecture

Technical Details

Smart Pre-Aggregation on Redshift

Our next-generation OLAP technology built for the cloud, allows you to create massively scalable and highly performant OLAP models and leverage Redshift for instant and multidimensional analysis on trillions of rows of data.


Universal Semantic Layer

Define all your complex business logics in one single place using Kyvos’ Universal Semantic Layer on Redshift and create a unified view of all your data across the enterprise. Enable your users to leverage self-service analytics and create interactive dashboards, with our intuitive drag and drop UI.

Unified Semantic Layer

Support for All Analytics and Data Science Tools

Kyvos provides seamless connectivity to all analytics tools and data science engines using our in-built SQL, MDX, and DAX connectors. Get instant access to live cloud data from Amazon Redshift and achieve high performance on all major analytics tools like Excel, Power BI, Tableau, MicroStrategy, and SSRS, as well as data science tools like Python and R.

Live Connection to Your BI tools

Reduced Cloud Costs

Scale your analytics up and down on Redshift with our auto-scaling feature. You can schedule your cluster to scale up at times when the demand increases to maintain high performance and scale it down to shrink costs by releasing resources during lean periods.

Save Cloud Costs with Elastic BI

Enterprise-grade Security on the Cloud

Kyvos provides multi-level security to protect your data while enabling controlled access. Our built-in row and column level security ensures that users only see what they are authorized to see. Kyvos also seamlessly integrates with your enterprise’s security protocols, incorporates existing authentication policies, and maintains native data security at the storage layer itself.

Secure Access to Cloud Data




Maximize Your ROI on Cloud and Big Data



Kyvos Analytics Acceleration on Trillions of Rows



Instant and Interactive Business Analytics with Kyvos’ Smart Pre-Aggregation

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