Kyvos for Azure

Simplifying Big Data Analytics
with Smart OLAP™

Eliminate the complexity of big data analytics and enable direct access to massive data on Azure without writing any code.



More Data

Make your decisions based on a strong foundation of many years of data.



Faster Queries

Don’t let the weight of data slow down your decision making.




High-performance with added benefit of cost savings.


Query your data instantly and effortlessly. Slice and dice your data interactively across hundreds of dimensions and measures to uncover hidden insights.


No-compromise analytics. No learning curve. Power your existing BI tools for big data analytics with sub-second responses.


Scale your BI to sustain your data growth. No more cost explosion. Kyvos eliminates data warehousing cost on querying as you can build once and query limitlessly.

Kyvos Seamlessly Integrates with your
Enterprise Architecture

Azure Architecture

Technical Details

Smart OLAP™ on Azure

Our innovative OLAP technology leverages the scalability and flexibility of your Azure platform to build Smart Aggregates™ on massive data. Data is pre-aggregated across hundreds of dimensions and measures using HDInsight or Databricks on Azure. As all the combinations are processed in advance, there is no latency, and users get instant responses to queries.

Reduced Querying Costs

Fire unlimited queries as you can build once and query multiple times without any additional costs. You can further reduce costs by scaling analytics up and down to deliver consistent performance during spikes and reduce resource consumption during lean periods. Depending upon the predicted load, you can auto-schedule your querying activities.


Use Any BI Tool

Query, filter, slice and dice, drill down, and visually explore extremely large datasets on Azure using your existing BI or data science tools. Kyvos delivers high performance on all major BI tools, including Tableau, Power BI, Looker, MicroStrategy, Excel, Business Objects, Cognos, and Spotfire, as well as data science tools like R and Python.

Smart Semantic Layer

Our semantic model delivers a consistent data view for users across the enterprise. You can define all your metadata and complex business logic in Kyvos and eliminate the need to re-write them in multiple tools. Simply drag and drop the dimensions and measures in your BI tool for interactive, ad hoc analysis.

Secure BI on Azure

Enterprise-class data security at multiple levels, including row and column level security, ensures that your users only see what they are authorized to see. With no data movement, Kyvos maintains the native data security layer at the storage layer itself. The Kyvos smart aggregates are stored and cached in Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) GEN 2.


Case Study

Global Coffee Brand Analyzes 3 Years of POS data on Azure with Kyvos

Case Study


Multidimensional Analytics on Microsoft Azure at Massive Scale

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Retail Chain Unlocks Insights by Analyzing Billions of Transactions on Azure

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