Kyvos for Cloudera

Instant BI on Cloudera with Smart OLAP™

500x Faster Than Hive and Impala

This picture shows a man leveraging instant BI powered by the Smart OLAP technology of Kyvos for growth in his business.

Accelerate analytics on your Cloudera platform and instantly analyze trillions of data points using any BI tool. Our Smart OLAP™ technology enables thousands of users across the enterprise to query any amount of data across thousands of dimensions and measures while delivering instant response times.


Access massive volumes of data interactively and drill down into the most granular details instantly. Kyvos delivers sub-second query response times, even on trillions of data points.


No need to invest in new tools. No need to write any code for big data analytics. Let your business users use their existing BI tools for analyzing big data but with much higher performance.


Define all your metadata at one place. Model complex business use cases. And still get high performance across all queries without worrying about the complexity of your big data.

In table shows Visualisation Layer tools and Kyvos BI services

Smart OLAP™ on Big Data

Our innovative technology leverages the scalability and flexibility of Hadoop to build smart aggregates on massive data, eliminating the limitations of traditional OLAP solutions. Advanced algorithms contain the combinatorial explosion that happens while dealing with massive data, delivering performance at a scale that cannot be achieved with partial aggregation or in-memory solutions.

BI Acceleration at Massive Scale

Create summary reports on years of enterprise data or deep dive into the most granular details, all within seconds. Enable interactive analytics on trillions of rows of data for users across your enterprise. Kyvos installs directly on your Cloudera platform and delivers unbelievable performance at a massive scale.

Integrates with all Major BI Tools

Access massive data with sub-second response times using your existing BI tools such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, Qlik, Excel, Business Objects, Cognos, Power BI, Spotfire, and, as well as for analytics tools like R and Python. Query, filter, slice and dice, drill down and visually explore huge datasets with instant dashboard refreshes. Our built-in SQL and MDX engine enables seamless integration with BI tools for better performance.


Universal Semantic Layer

Define all metadata in Kyvos and eliminate the need to write complex logic in multiple tools. Kyvos delivers a consistent data view for users across the enterprise. You can model complex business use cases by defining recursive, unbalanced, ragged, and alternate hierarchy and custom rollups. Once done, you can view the dimensions and measures in your BI tool and drag and drop them into your visualizations in an intuitive way.

Enterprise Security

Safeguard your data with our sophisticated security model that works at all levels. Kyvos works seamlessly with your Cloudera data platform to ensure data governance and security and integrates with your enterprise security model, along with support for authentication, encryption, and single sign-on. Enterprise-class data security at multiple levels, including row and column level security, ensures that users only see what they are authorized to see. With no data movement, Kyvos maintains the native data security layer at the storage layer itself.

Whitepaper: Best Practices of Implementing BI on Big Data

Whitepaper: Best Practices of Implementing BI on Big Data

No matter what industry you’re in, accelerating BI can help transform your business, leading to better customer understanding, more targeted marketing, efficient operations, and increased profitability. Learn how you can build a scalable, high-performance analytics platform that can take your BI to the next level and change the way your users interact with Big Data.

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