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What this blog covers:

  • Kyvos on Azure marketplace to facilitate instant analytics without exploding cloud costs.
  • Key benefits of accessing Kyvos via Azure Marketplace.
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With increasing cloud adoption, data volumes and complexity, organizations need to scale analytics for gaining deeper insights. The success of their analytics relies on the capability to instantly transform all their data into insights, which requires an efficient way to explore and interact with massive datasets.

We are happy to announce that Kyvos is now on Azure Marketplace to make lives easier for those who rely on data and need instant analytics on trillion-scale datasets. We facilitate all this and much more without exploding cloud costs. Customers can now directly connect with Kyvos within their Azure account, without manual intervention from the Kyvos team and no additional waits for licensing, budgets or approvals.

Kyvos + Azure Marketplace: Delivering on the Promise of Accelerated Insights at Any Scale

The Azure Marketplace is an exclusive destination for buying and selling cloud solutions licensed to run on Azure. On this platform, companies can connect with innovative cloud-based solutions and deploy them to a region of their preference. It enables organizations to generate potential customers and leads, add service value, shorten the sales cycle, optimize marketing campaigns and support free and bring-your-own-license models. Azure Marketplace does not charge companies separate licensing fees under its pricing models.

Since businesses now need to process more data than ever, Kyvos’ distributed architecture on Azure uses an AI-based smart aggregation technology that leverages machine learning and advanced algorithms to create massively scalable data models. We deliver unmatched performance on modern data platforms, irrespective of the underlying data source.

Pay-As-You-Go Via the Marketplace

Cloud investments are becoming a significant spend for modern organizations in their digital transformation journey. With 94% of companies already investing in some form of cloud services, as reported by McKinsey & Company, cloud cost optimization is no longer an afterthought. Around 76% of these businesses want to adjust their spending in 2023 and beyond.

Kyvos offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model for users on Azure Marketplace to support such cost optimization initiatives. The usage-based billing offers automatic savings by helping businesses manage their cost-per-use. Enterprises can work within their existing budgetary approvals and save additional costs.

Analyze Data at Any Scale Irrespective of the Source and Analytics Tool

Kyvos provides native support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Cloudera, and Apache Hadoop. It also supports all cloud data warehouses, such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery, Databricks, Teradata, Oracle RDS, and Hive. The platform leverages organizational data infrastructure to scale analytics limitlessly and help achieve high user concurrency without compromising performance.

With Kyvos, organizations can analyze historical and live streaming data with instant response times using existing analytical tools such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, Excel, Looker, Power BI, SSRS, and data science tools like R and Python. Kyvos’ in-built SQL, MDX, and DAX connectors enable seamless integration with any analytics tool.

Start in Just a Few Clicks

Fast and automatic deployment helps users query their data instantly without any complexity. The Kyvos VM works as a preconfigured template that offers complete information and support required to launch an instance on Azure, including the query engine configurations.

The deployment will be trimmed and faster by leveraging an existing Standard Azure license agreement. Simultaneously, custom EULA is also available for customers willing to define their terms of usage and service.

Self-Service Analytics

With the data coming in from multiple sources, getting a 360-degree view of enterprise-wide data becomes challenging. Migrating data to cloud storage doesn’t help achieve a holistic view of data or eliminate the problem of data silos. Adopting a semantic layer can address three key concerns – integrity, security, and governance. With Kyvos, organizations can add a universal semantic layer in their cloud BI architecture to centralize and standardize data logic in one place while empowering users to get a consistent view of all enterprise data.

Seamless Security Integration

Kyvos integrates seamlessly with Azure authentication to ensure multi-level data security with row and column-level access controls, data masking, LDAP/AD, SSO, SSH, and encryption. The integration encrypts the data at rest and in transit to meet all data governance policies.

Additionally, Kyvos has achieved globally recognized certifications such as SOC 2 Type I certification, SOC 2 Type II certification and ISO 27001 to meet the highest industry standards and protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and security of the service and customer data.

Looking Ahead

Kyvos has been revolutionizing data analytics with AI-based smart aggregation technology powered by a universal semantic layer. Being available as a third-party solution on Azure Marketplace is one step ahead in this journey to make analytical processes faster, simpler and more value-defined for our customers using the trusted Microsoft marketplace.

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