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Accelerate Your BI Journey with Kyvos

From data discovery to actionable insights, unravel the stories in your data.

Interactive dashboards

Interactive dashboards

Get the insights as and when you need them with our customizable and interactive 360° dashboards. Analyze and leverage data to see the bigger picture or drill down to granular details.

Smart Aggregation

Real-time analytics

Analyze real-time data from multiple sources – including live streaming data – without any time lag and monitor your operations as they occur, enabling fact-based decision-making.

Forecast with Confidence

Forecast with confidence

Take the guesswork out of forecasting with AutoML. Find hidden patterns and insights from any length and breadth of data for dependable outputs.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile analytics

Access business insights anytime, anywhere with a simple tap and swipe on your mobile. Create, discover and collaborate on the go with fully responsive reports and dashboards.

What makes Kyvos a future-ready BI & data analytics platform?

Kyvos’ built-in data science and machine learning capabilities allow business users to make informed decisions and predict future possibilities. The platform enables modern, data-driven enterprises to go beyond the typical BI and experience a digital transformation like never before. With Kyvos, you can optimize business processes, enhance customer experience and discover new opportunities every day.

Modern Analytics Features

We’ve you covered every step of the way

Unified Analytics
Connect and blend data from multiple sources and applications to get unified insights across your enterprise.
Powerful Visualizations
Smart reports and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with modern visualizations to present your insights in any way you want, without any manual intervention.
AI-Powered Insights
With AI-driven multi-dimensional analytics, explore all your business data on a single screen at the speed of thought.
Alerts and Notifications
Stay on top of critical business changes with proactive alerts, broadcasts and subscription reporting.
Reports Scheduling & Bursting
Set up reports for distribution to different stakeholders, right into their inbox. Auto-run the reports at pre-specified time intervals once or in recurrence.
Quick Adoption
Ensure advanced analytics for every role and department with an easy-to-use platform that business users can quickly understand.
Ad Hoc Reporting
Arm every business user with the power of on-the-fly analytics and the ability to discover insights, scale reports and ask follow-up questions all on their own.
Enterprise-Grade Security
Set permissions for mobile users as per their role. Define who can access which reports. Block or recall in case of lost device or user discontinuation.
International Multilingual Support
Choose from 30+ international languages. Visualize reports in any language of choice without any boundaries.
Pixel-perfect reports
Create print-ready reports ranging from invoices to labels, ledgers and audit sheets by customizing font size, colors, image placement, chart types, etc.


Success stories

Kyvos has made it possible to get a unified view of our sales operations. We have clear visibility on the sales performance of our 100+ super distributors and 5000 distributors. We are also using Kyvos to monitor targets for our sales teams and monitor our inventory and to track the status of goods in transit.

Kavindra Singh

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