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Unified Data Storage on the Cloud for High-Speed Analytics

A modern, unified, cloud-native analytical data warehouse built for fast, secure and cost-effective data discovery.

Well-integrated interface

High-Performance Querying

Get lightning-fast responses and granular insights on any BI tool and for all your analytical needs on a single data source.

Reduced TCO

Lower Analytical Costs

With Kyvos, pay only for what you use. Control your querying costs on the cloud using a platform designed for the modern data ecosystem.

No-limits analytics

Secure Data Access

Ensure iron-clad data protection with row- and column-level security. Get granular role-based access to unified data across the enterprise.

End-to-End Analytics

Create and share actionable insights using Kyvos’ comprehensive solution, from analytical warehousing to advanced visualization.

Why choose Kyvos’ analytical data warehouse?

Kyvos eliminates the need for enterprises to maintain separate data warehouses for storing aggregated and raw data. Our platform is highly optimized to meet the growing analytical demands of today’s data-driven organizations.

Modern Analytics Features

We’ve you covered every step of the way

Cost savings
Optimize cloud spending on establishing, accessing, governing and maintaining redundant data warehouses for analytics. 
Simplified infrastructure management
Fastest query results on raw data and smart aggregates with reduced effort. 
Lightning-fast processing
Lightweight algorithms with vectorized processing and column-oriented database architecture for shorter response times. 
3600 analytics
Run queries on blended data and ensure seamless execution for all analytical use cases.
Distributed architecture
Elastic architecture allows as much data storage as needed with seamless query execution on all types of data.
Support for all interfaces
Works with any standard querying language, including SQL, MDX, DAX, OLAP4J and REST.  
Compact storage
Save on disk space by reducing uncompressed raw data size anywhere from 3-9 times. 
Analytics at scale
Scale effortlessly as the number of users, data volumes and complexities grow.
Seamless integration
From data scientists to analysts and business users, empower everyone with simple analytics using any BI tool of choice.
Unlimited concurrency
Flexibility to scale out as per changing demands and support thousands of concurrent users.

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