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Customer Behavior Analysis & Retention

Get a unified view of your customer’s journey and find those hidden insights to increase loyalty
and deliver personalized and world-class customer experiences.

Customer Journey Analytics

Trillions of customer interactions

Leverage customer analytics to understand buying journey and behavior of millions of customers.

360-degree view

Get a holistic view of your customers’ experiences and deliver enhanced experiences.

Multiple touchpoints

Consolidate data coming from different sources and platforms to capture all facets of their experience.

Instant analytics

Explore massive volumes of data at interactive speeds while using your existing BI and data science tools.

Deliver unique experiences tailored for your customers

Discuss your use case and explore how you can maximize value from customer data.

Improve Upsell and Cross-Sell

Make relevant offers to the right customers at the right time across paid search and social platforms.

Customize Individual Experiences

Personalize each experience and increase customer loyalty by delivering value to each customer.

Increase Service Efficiency

Be responsive to customer issues and inquiries and enhance their service experience.

Enhance Outreach Strategies

Segment and target customers with precision across channels and create richer customer profiles for better conversions.

Our Story

Interactive BI at massive scale at Adobe

Learn how Adobe leverages Kyvos to understand its customer’s journey and use that knowledge to increase sales, improve retention, and deliver superior experiences by analyzing billions of interactions generated by 1.2 billion website visitors.



Case Study

Leading Telecom Accelerates Time-to-Insights on 150 Billion Viewer Interactions



Customer Journey Analytics: Instant Insights on Billions of Interactions


Case Study

Driving Superior Experiences for 230 Million Customers

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