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TM1 Migration

Eliminate the limitations of legacy technologies and switch from TM1 to Kyvos' Modern OLAP
to deal with the scale and complexity of your enterprise’s growing data.


Scalable Architecture

Our Modern OLAP technology leverages the power of cloud platforms to build cubes on billions of rows.


OLAP built for Cloud

Quicker data model creation and instant querying while controlling compute costs and ensuring optimal utilization of resources.


High Performance

High-speed analytics irrespective of the data size, number of users, or query complexity.


Take advantage of the massive storage and enormous processing capability of modern data platforms. Leverage your data infrastructure for creating and querying data models and eliminate the limitations of in-memory OLAP.

Smart Aggregation. Easy Migration.

Build aggregates across hundreds of dimensions and measures, slice, dice, drill down, and roll up in seconds. Model complex business requirements with our modern OLAP capabilities. Our ML-powered Smart Recommendation Engine™ and visual, code-free cube designer make it easy for you to recreate your TM1 cubes in Kyvos.

Cost-Effective Scaling. No Limitations.

Scale your analytics with ease and speed. Accommodate more data, add more users, or reduce response times simply by adding nodes to your cluster. Kyvos makes it easy to scale your BI while controlling costs and maximizing ROI.

Migrate Legacy Platforms to Modern OLAP Technology

Migrate your TM1 application to KyvosĘĽ Modern OLAP technology and build a truly scalable platform that delivers the performance you need to deal with the scale of today’s data, without exploding your costs.



The Ultimate OLAP Guide


Kyvos Datasheet – Cloud BI Acceleration powered by Smart OLAP™



5 Reasons to Migrate from Legacy OLAP to Smart OLAP™

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