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Kyvos semantic layer features

Easy data consumption

Design, query, and maintain a single object for raw and aggregated data. Explore the semantic layer with Viz, our built-in visualization tool.

Data democratization

Organizes data the way it is used and insulate business view from data complexities to empower users to explore and consume data themselves.

Support for distinct counts

Maintain distinct counts and slice-and-dice these values against any number of dimensions.


A virtual layer that joins multiple sources to future-proof investments against vendor lock-ins and allows querying at speed.

Business abstraction

Embed business logic in Kyvos to maintain uniform business metrics, data access rules and calculation logic in one place.

Single source of truth

A unified view of data from different sources with curated and standardized model for consistent metrics across analytics tools.

Centralized governance

Multi-level data security and governance with row and column-level security, data masking, LDAP/AD, SSO, SSH and encryption.

Simplified data modeling

AI-assisted, drag-and-drop visual designer for data modeling across millions of cardinalities, hundreds of dimensions and measures, and billions of rows of data.

What is Kyvos universal semantic layer?

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Leading global enterprises
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Deliver self-service and high-performance analytics.

Simplify analytics

Simplify analytics

Hide the complexity of data and map it to business terms. Standardize business logic across the enterprise to get 100% consistent answers.

Self-serve Querying

Self-service querying

Get the answers from any data source, on any analytics tool. Empower users to explore data without worrying about size or complexity.

Multidimensional Insights

Multidimensional insights

Experience interactive analytics on billions of data points. Get insights from raw or aggregated data, without any loss of granularity.

Designed for Cloud

Designed for the cloud

Meet present and future business complexities and data volume needs. Unify business logic across different BI tools for consistent analysis on the cloud.


High-performance analytics on the cloud


What is a Semantic Layer? How to build it for future data workloads?

As data complexity and volumes increase, it becomes increasingly important to build a universal semantic layer so that your business users get a consistent view of all enterprise data and can conduct quick analysis on it.

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