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Elevate Data Mesh with Kyvos Semantic Layer

Democratize access to data, analytics, and insights across the enterprise with our user-friendly customer-facing layer.

High performance analytics

Unparalleled query performance for the widely used and intuitive slice and dice analytics patterns across entire spectrum of query space.

Universal Semantic Layer

Universal semantic layer

A fundamental part of Kyvos’ OLAP heritage is the presentation of a business-friendly semantic layer in the language of the end-users.

Build data products

Different domains can independently create and deliver highly-optimized and intuitive data products.

Inter-domain analysis

Kyvos enables blending of data products from different departments enable integrated analysis across domains.

How Kyvos serves as the ideal customer-facing layer
of a Data Mesh?

Kyvos masterfully combines accessibility, performance, and robust governance, making it an optimal choice for organizations implementing data mesh. With its ability to create data models, Kyvos can combine domain-level data products into a Universal Semantic Layer, ensuring single representation of all your data and delivering consistently high-speed querying across a wide data space.

Modern analytics features

Universal semantic layer
Linked domain-level semantic layers provide a common, user-friendly presentation, enhancing ease of data interpretation.
High-speed querying
Optimized for swift data retrieval, Kyvos drastically reduces wait times, eliminating analytics friction.
Robust security model
The row/column-based security paradigm provides a consistent, intuitive, and versatile approach to data security.
Built for modern data demands, Kyvos efficiently manages the growth of vast data volumes and query load, making it future-ready.
User-friendly interface
With a heritage designed for user-centric experiences, Kyvos simplifies intricate data operations, promoting self-service analytics.
Reduced complexity
A common platform suitable for a plurality of end-users helps in mitigating the need for a variety of data access methods.
Accelerate any analytics tool
Supercharge any BI tool to get instant insights from on-cloud or on-premises data warehouses using Kyvos’ SQL, MDX or DAX connectors and OLAP4J APIs.
Leverage common resources
With most domain-level data products deployed as Kyvos semantic layers, common skillset can be leveraged across many domains.
Cloud integration
Kyvos is optimized for cloud platforms, ensuring businesses can utilize contemporary cloud benefits while working with their data.
Export cube metadata
Cube metadata can be easily exported to data catalogs, data marketplaces, workflow/orchestration tools, or an AI.


Kyvos-enabled data mesh

Kyvos Analytics Acceleration Platform Architecture

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