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The ONLY Semantic Layer with LangChain Connectivity

Kyvos Copilot Brings


Kyvos, what am I focusing on today?

Get contextualized summaries delivered to your inbox, instead of scouring thousands of KPIs.


LangChain connectivity

Use Kyvos as a hyper-speed, trusted data source for large language models (LLMs) to provide context to results and reduce hallucinations.


Natural language business summaries

Get tailored summaries of outliers or anomalies from KPIs and time-series analytics delivered directly into your email.


Query playground

Ask questions about your data and get answers in natural language with Kyvos’ intuitive LLM-powered Gen AI and semantic layer.


Key business calculations designer

Provide inputs in natural language to generate complex business calculations and formulas, without any need to learn query languages.

Supercharge your data and AI initiatives

Kyvos brings GenAI capabilities to users seeking faster outcomes from their business-related queries—ad hoc, complex or time-bound. Reduce the time-to-value of your enterprise data with automation, business language interfaces and easy to access insights.

Conversational analytics

Guided data exploration

Intelligent data selection

Never worry about choosing the right data model to answer a particular question and get consistent results in standardized views.

Data governance


Provide inputs in natural language to generate complex business calculations and formulas in SQL and MDX. 

Automated processes

Learning and Insights

Stay ahead of the curve


GenAI-Powered Semantic Layer: A Key to Build Trust in Enterprise Data Insights

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