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Billions of Rows | Live Connection | Instant Query Responses

No more compromises due to:

Multiple Cubes

Multiple Cubes


Memory Limitations

Slow Query Responses

Data Complexity

Instantly analyze any amount of data on MicroStrategy with Kyvos’ Smart OLAP™ technology.

Sub-second responses


Billions & Trillions of Rows


Consolidate multiple intelligent cubes into a single Kyvos cubeKyvos Smart OLAP™ technology enables aggregations on extremely large datasets, helping you build a single holistic cube for all your data versus piecemealing smaller cubes together. without limitations on the data size or the number of dimensions that the cube can hold. Drill up, down, and sideways to get a 360-view of data across your enterprise.


Our universal semantic layerDefine all your metadata and business rules in the Kyvos and let business teams across your enterprise can access the same single source of truth. with advanced data modeling featuresKyvos supports recursive, unbalanced, ragged, and alternate hierarchies, as well as custom rollups. It also supports massively scalable accurate distinct count on billions of transactions and provisions for many-to-many relationships that help in the representation of complex data. makes it easy for you to create accurate data models, while guaranteeing high performance even for the most complex business use cases.


Connect MicroStrategy directly to massive volumes of data on the cloud – whether on cloud storage or a cloud data warehouse, without dealing with the in-memory limitations of intelligent cubes. Get instant dashboard refreshes even on billions of rows.


Analyze cloud-scale data without exploding your costsOur build-once-query-multiple-times approach helps you fire unlimited queries without any additional costs. Costs can be reduced further by scaling analytics up and down to deal with varying loads.. Eliminate resource overload issues associated with in-memory OLAP.

With MicroStrategy on Kyvos, you can:

  • Build a single cube for all your data.
  • Achieve live connectionMicroStrategy’s named connector for Kyvos makes it easy for you to connect and analyze massive data seamlessly. to massive data with custom connector.
  • Deliver instant responses on the most complex queries.
  • Build highly interactive dashboards.
  • Work with distinct count and cardinality of billions.
  • Simplify data modeling Our visual, code-free cube designer helps you define relationships between datasets using a simple drag and drop functionality, with minimum dependency on IT teams. on hundreds of dimensions and measures.

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Global Fintech Eliminates Analytical Silos

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How Bell Canada scaled its BI on MicroStrategy

Kyvos integrated with MicroStrategy to deliver fastest insights on huge amounts of data

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Hear from our Customers

Kyvos helped us scale up our BI architecture and generate greater ROI from our data lake investments. We now use MicroStrategy to build extensive dashboards on much larger datasets with Kyvos as our BI accelerator.

Mark HuangDr, Data Engineering, Bell Canada

Kyvos reduced our time to insight dramatically, helping us analyze billions of rows of data quickly and that’s the biggest benefit for Walgreens. We are now able to drill down to details on the fly to support our day to day business.

Mahek ParikhData Scientist, Walgreens

Kyvos semantic layer helped us stitch all our data together and enable self-service BI for our business users. Now, they can slice and dice in pretty much any combination they want within sub-seconds.

Mark PiconeVP, Info. & Data Services, Adobe

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