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Kyvos Excel Add-in

Supercharge Excel for Advance Analytics on the Cloud


Kyvos Excel Add-In enables you to perform advanced analytics on extremely large datasets directly from Microsoft Excel.

High-Performance ANalytics

Instant refreshes and sub-second responses on trillions of rows that the business community needs.


Rich Feature Set

Advanced charting and visualization features for financial analysts.


Reduce Cloud Analytics Costs

Cost-effective analytics on cloud data platforms and cloud data warehouses.

Kyvos transforms your Excel Analytics forever

Advanced Analytics on Excel

Augment Excel with smart reports, rich visualizations, and intuitive user calculations. Our wide range of charts including waterfalls, deviations and comparisons, business scenarios and trend comparisons help users create visually appealing and highly-effective business reports.

Superfast Analysis at Scale

Analyze as much data as you need on Excel with exceptionally high performance. Connect Excel directly to massive data on any cloud or on-premise data platform and provide your users the agility they need in business reporting.

Simplify Analytics

Allow your users to take control of their analytical needs. Kyvos Excelerate helps users to create quick reports, drill-down to granular levels, and explore enterprise data limitlessly, all within Excel. Our Analytics Acceleration capabilities deliver instant responses on ad hoc queries, even on the most complex and large datasets.

Analyze More Data
Faster Query Performance
The Difference

Transform Excel into an Analytical Powerhouse

Enterprise Architecture

Kyvos Architecture for Excel-Plugin

Technical Details

Next-gen Smart OLAP™ Technology

Kyvos Excelerate leverages the power of our patented Smart Pre-Aggregation technology to augment Excel capabilities. Excelerate lets your users access trillions of rows of data on the cloud directly from their Excel interface and perform interactive analytics across hundreds of dimensions and measures without any delay in performance.


Universal Semantic Layer

Kyvos Excelerate builds a Universal Semantic Layer on the cloud that lets you create the same version of truth for all users across the organization. Our Machine Learning-based Smart Recommendation Engine™ helps you build optimized data models that provide your users the agility they need for self-service reporting.

Direct Access to Data from Excel

Kyvos Excelerate lets you connect to all your data from the cloud or on-prem storage directly from your Excel interface. You can use the in-built MDX connector to access data from cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP, Hadoop platforms like Cloudera, and cloud data warehouses, such as Snowflake, Databricks, Redshift, BigQuery, Teradata, Oracle RDS, and Hive.


Interactive Reporting and Rich Visualizations

Kyvos Excelerate enables flexible and intuitive reporting on Excel with sophisticated filtering, responsive dashboards, in-cell charting, dynamic charts, and brilliant visualizations. It also increases the capabilities of your pivot tables and lets you perform in-depth analysis across any metric at any scale.


Multi-level Data Security

Incorporate existing active directory roles, groups, and SSO authentication into Kyvos Excelerate for folder-level access rights. Get full control of critical data and choose to show/hide specific dimensions, measures, or rows to a specific set of users, with our multi-level data security.

High Performance on Every Data Platform

Advanced Features

Overcome Pivot Table Restrictions

Our Grids are designed from the ground up with multi-dimensional analysis in mind. You get advanced selections, embedded charting, user-defined calculations, and full interactivity.

Advanced Visualizations

Create best-practice, visually effective charts with our Dynamic Charts. Build interactive dashboards suitable for viewing on any device.

Freedom of Formula Reporting

Create highly customizable and sophisticated reports otherwise impossible in Excel. Get total control over layout, formatting, and dynamic reporting with conditional statements.

Best Practice Financial Reporting

By implementing best practice rules of IBCS, we help deploy consistent communication practices. Rules once defined can be added to and shared across workbooks.

Governed Sharing & Scheduled Distribution

Develop reports or dashboards in Excel and publish them so that users across your enterprise can view and interact with the published reports securely directly from a browser.




Accelerate Excel Performance for Trillions of Rows



Supercharging Excel for High-Speed Financial Analytics



Supercharge Excel Performance for Trillions of Rows with Kyvos’ Modern OLAP

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